Vampire Library Chapter 12 & Kasane Chapter 25

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on21 January 2017at12:43 PM


I am here again. Many of our members have to take a break due to personal reasons, so I am recruiting for cleaners again. If you are up to cleaning Vampire Library, head to our Join Us page. We did enjoy ourselves during the holidays though. Above is the picture we took during the trip. :>

VL colour pages

The raws we use for all our VL chapters were originally published as you saw in our releases, but as you can see, the tankobon versions have some colour pages added in. So if you want them, buy them, support the author. (Like how I forced Emi to buy these for me...she spent lotsa time roaming around Seoul searching for them XD Thank you Emi!)

more colour page

That aside, enjoy the new chapter of Vampire Library and Kasane.

Vampire Library Chapter 11

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I have contemplated long and hard whether or not I should make the next release a batch of 11-15. But looking at all my weary members and their hangovers (if not, the emotional excitement they spent during the holiday period) from Xmas and New Year parties, I think it's best we continue from here at a regular pace. >.>

Right after my exams, I also had a trip with my members, so some (including the translator of VL) were pretty preoccupied with our trip rather than our group's activities. I'm sure you can wait. :> Ah, we might start recruiting for new cleaners for this project again. So if you are interested, look out for the recruiting ad in the next chapter.

Here, enjoy Carvel's annoying behaviour.

Red Theatre Chapter 3

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Well, I guess I have returned from the happy land where all those little gnomes reside. The truth is I finished this chapter right after my exam....but......too lazy to bother releasing it. lol Sorry for the wait.

Next is VL. :>

Zhen Chapter 1

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on2 December 2016at5:34 AM

zhen cover

I know I said that I wouldn't release anything but still gave you Kasane and now this. Well for this, I cannot help it okay? It's so pretty so I wanted to translate it. It's one of my whimsical arbitrariness. Yes, I hear you, I haven't forgotten about Vampire Library and Red Theatre. It's quite demotivating seeing Yuri having sex with ugly men and look at all the SFXs in Vampire Library... Just wait a while more.

Special thanks to Saorren, our PR1 who helped clarifying all the Chinese terms. Without her, we won't even have the name 'Caihong'. lol Enjoy the beauty of this manga.

Kasane Chapter 24

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on30 November 2016at4:39 PM

"Bitches, here is our new Kasane." - TM

Chapter 24 of Kasane can be downloaded here.

We hope you enjoy it!

We're steadily working on our projects. With the end of the year quickly approaching, many of our members will be focusing on their studies and real life obligations. If you would like to join the team, check out the Join Us page for more details. If you would like to support us monetarily, please click the donate button above. 

We appreciate your continued patience and support! :)



Wait until after Christmas

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We are taking a break until after Christmas. For those who are experiencing withdrawal from Red Theatre and Vampire Library. You will have to continue waiting. *smiles beautifully and sadistically* Even though my members have finished cleaning several chapters, even if the translations are done, nothing can be finalised without my qc-ing and I'm not free. We have to uphold our quality and we will not release anything subpar to our standards. Wait patiently, and don't complain. It's free, remember? And maybe, if I am feeling very generous, I might release many chapters for you in Dec.

I dislike it when people are complaining that the chapters don't come out fast enough. So don't do that. It is not simply translating and pasting texts onto images. We do produce the quality-works for you. Our translations are quality-checked at least three times, SFXs hand-drawn, thorough cleans and meticulous typesetting quality. People are working on them for FREE at the quality that should be paid for. So don't ever complain.

Vampire Library chapter 10 & Kasane chapter 23

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Hello leechers, allow me to break bad news to you. There will be no more Vampire Library until after Christmas. Exams, life. XD Unless someone can typeset SFXs in my place.

That aside, look at the desolate donate button and donate. We have to find a way to maintain our server before it expires.

Now, go to Kasane and Vampire Library section and download all you want.

Red Theatre Chapter 2

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Sorry for the wait, a lot of things had happened while we were doing this chapter. I say 'a lot of things', but it's just me evaluating endless PR2 applicants and rejecting them all. In addition to qc-ing and correcting the cleans&ts. If anyone is interested in the clean/ts qcer positions, please apply. I don't have so much time to do this so the release would have been faster with more hands. Enjoy the chapter and hate Adam more.(well...this chapter has lessened my indescribable depth of hatred for him slightly, still...)

Kasane Chapter 22 Fortress of thorns

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on19 September 2016at2:11 PM

Vampire Library Chapter 9

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I know that we have become quite slow with the rate of our release. Most of our members including myself have school assignments and work to deal with. Our real life has consumed us. I seriously want more members, especially a decent English proofreader. This position is very much underestimated by most. It is actually as hard as any other position and most of the applicants are not qualified. They usually fail the test because they think 'Oh, it's just English'. Please read the description in our Join Us page thoroughly before you apply. We also need MORE cleaners. You don't even need to take a test for this one, I don't get why people are so terrified by this position. The redraw isn't as hard as you would think with the techniques we are willing to teach you.

Final-script quality-checker: do apply if you think you have the skill

Now you may enjoy the chapter, and here is a picture I took a couple of weeks ago.

Edit: This month's recruitment will now close for Vampire Library. We will not accept any more application, any position. Except for SFX typesetters. (Special exception: Unless you are positive that you have a skill so godly in English proofreading, do join.)

Sea and starry sky by TM