Vampire Library chapter 10 & Kasane chapter 23

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Hello leechers, allow me to break bad news to you. There will be no more Vampire Library until after Christmas. Exams, life. XD Unless someone can typeset SFXs in my place.

That aside, look at the desolate donate button and donate. We have to find a way to maintain our server before it expires.

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Red Theatre Chapter 2

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Sorry for the wait, a lot of things had happened while we were doing this chapter. I say 'a lot of things', but it's just me evaluating endless PR2 applicants and rejecting them all. In addition to qc-ing and correcting the cleans&ts. If anyone is interested in the clean/ts qcer positions, please apply. I don't have so much time to do this so the release would have been faster with more hands. Enjoy the chapter and hate Adam more.(well...this chapter has lessened my indescribable depth of hatred for him slightly, still...)

Kasane Chapter 22 Fortress of thorns

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Vampire Library Chapter 9

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I know that we have become quite slow with the rate of our release. Most of our members including myself have school assignments and work to deal with. Our real life has consumed us. I seriously want more members, especially a decent English proofreader. This position is very much underestimated by most. It is actually as hard as any other position and most of the applicants are not qualified. They usually fail the test because they think 'Oh, it's just English'. Please read the description in our Join Us page thoroughly before you apply. We also need MORE cleaners. You don't even need to take a test for this one, I don't get why people are so terrified by this position. The redraw isn't as hard as you would think with the techniques we are willing to teach you.

Final-script quality-checker: do apply if you think you have the skill

Now you may enjoy the chapter, and here is a picture I took a couple of weeks ago.

Edit: This month's recruitment will now close for Vampire Library. We will not accept any more application, any position. Except for SFX typesetters. (Special exception: Unless you are positive that you have a skill so godly in English proofreading, do join.)

Sea and starry sky by TM

Since delicious things are bad Chapter 4 Nonfiction red

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Well, it's been a while. Most of our key members have gone back to school. So we are progressing at a snail pace. If you want us to release faster, read our Join Us page and apply. (However, please be confident that you can do your task or don't apply...especially for the English-proofreading position.)

And without further ado: here is your red candy.

Kasane Chapter 20 & 21

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What is there to say....I'm tired. Please apply for the English proofreading position or the cleaning position. Somebody... (Where have you disappeared to...Orsted.) Before you apply, do read our "Join us" page.

That being said, enjoy the chapters.

Edogawa Ranpo Ijinkan Chapter 2

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Since delicious things are bad Chapter 3

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To whom it may concern: I, cor, bid you hello! You don't know me, though you may have heard of me. But that's not the point. Long story short, here's the 3rd chapter of since delicious things are bad. Go download it now! 

We are still looking for skilled staff to help us out. You can check out the open positions on our new "join us" page.

Vampire Library Chapter 8

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how very misleading as usual

I have to say I felt some sort of healing as I was working on this chapter. Red Theatre was quite harsh on me... Enjoy the chapter! I love how very misleading they are. xD

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Red Theatre Chapter 1

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Hello everyone. New project (joint with Chrimascans. :> ), Red Theatre. Enjoy. (Nothing much to say cuz I'm tired. lol Although I guarantee the level of obscenity inside the release.)

Edit: We are still looking for more dedicated members to this project, if you are interested please take a look at this page.