Vampire Library Chapter 2

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on16 October 2015at6:51 AM

Well, it's been a while, guys. And I'm sure you think that I am dead, but no, I am still alive. Somehow I have regrouped Whatever, and we are back until Loki knows when. Our current project list is Vampire Library, No Guns Life, Kasane(joint, we will start once the other group finish the chapters they're working on).

We are still looking for more members in all positions. As usual, to maintain our quality we just simply always need more people to lessen our workload. Especially with Vampire Library, look at the amount of SFXs and redraws we made, be grateful and apply! As usual you can apply through the comment system and leave us your email address (no worries, all comments are moderated, nobody is going to see your email-address) To be more specific, these are what we are looking for currently:

  • Korean proofreader for Vampire Library
  • English proofreaders for Vampire Library and Kasane
  • Typesetters, Cleaners (our cleaners must redraw up to certain extent)
  • Quality checkers for all steps (contact us for more details)


Now that I have said what I wanted to say, here, leech to your heart's content.

Note: In case you don't know, this is a manhwa, so it's read from left to right.

Note 2: Alright, it seems I need to insert more details about these open positions here. First I want you to know there is no limit to cleaner position currently. So apply and see if you can survive Whatever's hell! Please also check out Whatever workflow below for better understanding of how we do our job.

  • About English proofreading position, it's not so much about checking grammar most of the time, because all our translators are either professional or very good. So instead it's mostly about the flow of the language, the linguistic aspects of how dialogues should match the character persona etc.
  • About the original language (Korean/Japanese) proofreading position: you will be providing a second thought over the context and the appropriate colloquial expressions in term of the original nuance and so on.
  • Cleaner: as you can see from the quality of our releases, we need you to be able to follow the art style and redraw when you have to. Currently we don't offer teaching, we don't accept people who can't use PS. If you really want to join regardless you can try your luck with our ex-dojo master.
  • Typesetter: for Vampire Library and possibly our other projects, we "draw in" SFXs and floating text, we don't "type" them. I have had so many people asking me what are those fonts in our releases, they are not fonts, they are our drawing. If you can't manage something like that you may try applying for a dialogue typesetter position.
  • Translator: we need you to be fluent and confident in your understanding of the language (Korean/Japanese)
  • Quality-checker: you may work as a qcer for any of the stage of our scanlation but you must know what you are doing. Please look at the flow chart below for better understanding
  • There will be an initiation stage where we test you and such. You will have to pass it to join us permanently. Join at your own risk. Usually by the end of the initiation period most ppl go crazy and somehow turn M. Good luck, we are waiting for you.
  • Please enter your e-mail address in the comment or send your e-mail to whatever-project at gmail


Whatever's work flow

Gantz [0383] The last moment of the end

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on9 June 2015at2:39 PM

Well...finally it's over.

I don't know if there is still any living being out there who will come to grab this chapter. I just happened to have time today and I decided to spend my four precious hours over this chapter and get it over with.

Unfortunately it's not truly over if you count the afterword in as well. I haven't translated the afterword since I doubt anyone wanna read it. When I'm in good mood I will come back to it. You have to understand that since I am a lone man here, I have to do the entire chapter by myself and I feel demotivated seeing so many things I have to translate into English.

The tankobon title is different from the magazine version. It says 最期の終止符 and I translated it as The last moment of the end, as I see that it fits well.

I'm not sure if this will be the end of Whatever scanlations or not, but you can be sure that it's not the end of me...(not just yet! don't wish for it!) I'm still up to my personal manga project. I have put it off for so long because of so many things in my life. But I hope to have some time for it this year. If anyone still interests in joining me....text me! or post a comment here!

Edit: The afterword is a special interview with Oku Hiroya about Gantz and so forth (I haven't really read through it yet. Just skimmed through it) It's a special interview existed only in the last volume of the tankobon (I think). If you really really want to know what it's about I will try to come round to translate it.


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on5 February 2015at6:30 AM

Who was it that told me to read Terraforma.....ROACHES are everywhere. I have nightmares right after I went to sleep. I have roachphobia. >.< curse you!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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on28 December 2014at7:18 AM

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! No, I have nothing to offer but as you can see I have been busy eating and baking! lol

orange blossom macaron

winter cake

AAnyhow, I will try to do the last chapter during my NY break! There is also one kind helper who has volunteered to help redrawing one last page so it looks promising yes!

The server is going to expire very soon

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Err...guys. The server is going to expire in a month. It sounds very wrong to ask now, but anyone interest in keeping it alive for a year or half a year more? (at least until my exams are over so I can scanlate the last part. lol) xD

Edit: problem solved. :> Thanks for caring. Thanks for keeping me alive. XD

What happened!?

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on21 October 2014at4:34 AM

Well, what happened was that right in the middle of the last chapter which I was redrawing....I had to travel and then the school started! hahaha Sorry guys. Wait a bit more.

Gantz [0382] converged thunder

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on23 August 2014at1:12 PM

Gantz [0381] Converging on resignation

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on20 August 2014at5:10 PM

It turns out this chapter can be done in a couple of hours.

edit: grab version 2. I made a mistake with the chapter title. I don't know why I typed 'The end of despair' while it actually says 'Converging on resignation'...please forgive me. I probably was thinking 'now that everyone is converging on resigning their life, it probably will end in despair' and unintentionally typed that down... =_=

Gantz [0380] A flash of his might.

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on19 August 2014at4:09 PM

There you go. Look at the two images below and you will understand why it took so long. You see I have tons of things to do so I can barely spend a few minutes on each page each day. Thanks for the wait. I will try to finish the rest. :>

edit: Honestly, even I can't believe I just released it. >.> About the Osaka chapters. I will think about it. I'm quite busy right now so I won't be able to translate it so fast. But I will ask our old translators and see if they interest.




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on11 July 2014at4:49 AM

Yes I know, you may punish me now. I will always be waiting in the IRC channel for your personal request.

About the situation. Ok....well half the finals are gone and half will be in August. My exams were split, you see. lol But I am actually doing Gantz now; alone that is. The reason they're not released yet is because I'm redrawing alone while multi-tasking.
@Laughing man, thanks, although the translations are complete and proofread.

One of the things I am doing is working on my story. Not long ago I was doing some character design (more like procrastinating...hahaha):

Looking at it, I feel like this is what's going to happen to me soon. xD