Kasane Chapter 19 Life

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on12 May 2016at3:53 PM

Well you guys might be wondering (and worrying) where we have disappeared to. Whatever will cease all operations until mid June. Sorry those who are waiting eagerly for Vampire Library and Ijinkan, you just gotta wait. Half of our staff are having Spring exams unfortunately. We need to survive our hardship in real life to deliver you anything at all.

Meanwhile, here is your new chapter of Kasane

Edogawa Ranpo Ijinkan Chapter 1

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on11 April 2016at1:38 PM

Ijinkan vol1 cover

Well, I recently took a liking to this series and decided to translate it. It was quite difficult to translate considering the linguistic style used in the original language but here we are~

Obviously I have zero crew dedicated to this project, so I'm looking for new members for this series in all positions: translators, proofreaders, typesetters, cleaners. Please apply here if you have the heart to help. xD

Vampire Library Chapter 6

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on8 April 2016at3:53 AM

We are in GREAT NEED of an SFX typesetter. You know if you keep leaving it to me, this thing will never be released fast enough. Apply here.

Enjoy the chapter~

Kasane Chapter 18 Downfall

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on10 March 2016at4:19 PM

Hello, from now on we will deliver Kasane to you together with Snoozing Scans. Get your snack and grab the chapter. Enjoy the drama unfolding. XD

You know we seriously need cleaners and typesetters (Note: a SFX typesetter has to be able to draw SFXs) for this series. Look at Kai-chan, she had to clean this cursed thing alone all by herself, where is your human compassion? Conjure that up and apply here.

Vampire Library Chapter 5

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on29 February 2016at11:58 AM

Most ominous Greetings with a slight hint of deranged love to you, my dear Reader(/Leechers), it's me again, TM. Nobody is up and about to make a release so the duty falls back upon me. Enjoy this new splendid chapter which we shed blood and tears in order to complete. You do know that I NEED MORE cleaners and permanent typesetters for this project right? *smiles ever so sweetly* So why don't you turn slightly masochistic and join my group. I have plenty of toys to use on you.

Look at me, I'm certainly not a suspicious person. A perfectly ordinary, good citizen.


Vampire Library Chapter 4

posted byEzumi
on4 February 2016at8:46 PM

Howdy, Ezumi here. It's already February huh, time sure flies by when you're lazing around at home doing nothing. Just kidding, here is chapter 4 of Vampire Library~ This one was quite challenging, but now we can proudly present it to you all (I think...)

On a side note, I am currently working on translating a Korean webtoon called One Plus One. It'd be great if I could get together a small crew dedicated to it - I am recruiting Korean translators, proofreaders (English and Korean) and cleaners (webtoon is in colour fyi) for now, feel free to leave a comment if you're interested! I mean, look at how desperate my cat is lol:


And just a general recruiting notice: We basically recruit everything, but in particular we are looking for an English proofreader* (LOL thank you for pointing it out @kaibutsu xD) for Kasane. Again, just leave a comment below~

Well that's all I've got for now, hope you enjoy the new release~


Vampire Library Chapter 3

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on23 December 2015at11:07 PM

Merry Christmas everyone. Here is the gorgeous chapter 3 of Vampire Library! All positions are still open for applying. :> Scroll down and read the details in Chapter 2's post. I will be decorating my gingerbread cookies now that I'm done with VL, will post photos later.

Piercings by Harada version 2>3!

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on13 December 2015at10:47 PM

KK has provided us a super good quality raw of Piercings so I've decided to release a new version with pretty images!!! I have edited some parts of the translation, just read the note inside. :>

Yes, I know the notes have gotten so big, but I feel compelled to write all those things in after answering the same questions over and over.

Edit: I can't believe that I'm writing this: we will release have released the third version after proofreading it. We didn't do that in the first two. I feel very reluctant about this since they are only minor changes (a few typos, messy punctuations, and one ambiguous phrase that I had initially overlooked.) And considering I was basically the sole worker on this one-shot, it feels like I'm spending too much time on it while I have so many other things to do...

Piercings oneshot by Harada

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on11 December 2015at4:52 AM

Kuzuko brought to me this awesome oneshot that I fell in love with instantly. It compelled me to translate it and won over my lazy nature. I am sure this alone should convince you to grab and read it. I totally adore the writing style in this one. Go go people. Please do read. :>

Note: I have realised that perhaps I should elaborate about the language choice in the manga. The two main characters always speak with formal/polite tone to each other. And whenever the main character narrated his thoughts, he would do it in a formal/literary style. Hence my choice of words.

Why 'Mr Usui', again I didnot expect there would be a person who did not understand the tone. So basically due to the literary ambience not dissimilar to those in Japanese literature, I decided to translate it in literature style. As an avid reader of both Japanese and English literature, how could I pass off this chance of translating something so neat like this. :>

By the way 'slaver' (sa-lav-er) means saliva, it doesn't pronounce the same way as the word 'slaver' (sa-leiv-er) that comes from the word 'slave'. I didn't expect that there was a person who did not know this word but then I was told by two already so I think I should write this down.

One more thing I should add: we don't use American English here, simply because none of us are American. Only British/Australian here. Those who have a problem with how we phrase things in a particular style, deal with it. :D

Vampire Library Chapter 2

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on16 October 2015at6:51 AM

Well, it's been a while, guys. And I'm sure you think that I am dead, but no, I am still alive. Somehow I have regrouped Whatever, and we are back until Loki knows when. Our current project list is Vampire Library, No Guns Life, Kasane(joint, we will start once the other group finish the chapters they're working on).

We are still looking for more members in all positions. As usual, to maintain our quality we just simply always need more people to lessen our workload. Especially with Vampire Library, look at the amount of SFXs and redraws we made, be grateful and apply! As usual you can apply through the comment system and leave us your email address (no worries, all comments are moderated, nobody is going to see your email-address) To be more specific, these are what we are looking for currently:

  • Korean proofreader for Vampire Library
  • English proofreaders for Vampire Library and Kasane
  • Typesetters, Cleaners (our cleaners must redraw up to certain extent)
  • Quality checkers for all steps (contact us for more details)


Now that I have said what I wanted to say, here, leech to your heart's content.

Note: In case you don't know, this is a manhwa, so it's read from left to right.

Note 2: Alright, it seems I need to insert more details about these open positions here. First I want you to know there is no limit to cleaner position currently. So apply and see if you can survive Whatever's hell! Please also check out Whatever workflow below for better understanding of how we do our job.

  • About English proofreading position, it's not so much about checking grammar most of the time, because all our translators are either professional or very good. So instead it's mostly about the flow of the language, the linguistic aspects of how dialogues should match the character persona etc.
  • About the original language (Korean/Japanese) proofreading position: you will be providing a second thought over the context and the appropriate colloquial expressions in term of the original nuance and so on.
  • Cleaner: as you can see from the quality of our releases, we need you to be able to follow the art style and redraw when you have to. Currently we don't offer teaching, we don't accept people who can't use PS. If you really want to join regardless you can try your luck with our ex-dojo master.
  • Typesetter: for Vampire Library and possibly our other projects, we "draw in" SFXs and floating text, we don't "type" them. I have had so many people asking me what are those fonts in our releases, they are not fonts, they are our drawing. If you can't manage something like that you may try applying for a dialogue typesetter position.
  • Translator: we need you to be fluent and confident in your understanding of the language (Korean/Japanese)
  • Quality-checker: you may work as a qcer for any of the stage of our scanlation but you must know what you are doing. Please look at the flow chart below for better understanding
  • There will be an initiation stage where we test you and such. You will have to pass it to join us permanently. Join at your own risk. Usually by the end of the initiation period most ppl go crazy and somehow turn M. Good luck, we are waiting for you.
  • Please enter your e-mail address in the comment or send your e-mail to whatever-project at gmail


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