Red Theatre: The Final Act

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on31 January 2017at7:49 AM

Hello, hello, hellooow...*half dead* before you start leeching our chapter 4, please redownload chapter 3, our first release had two pages missing. A kind fan notified us and provided those missing pages. Thank you so much.

I have decided to forgive Adam (lol) for all the crap I had to endure while translating/typesetting in the previous chapters.

Thank you Pink Unicorn, Saorren, Rimbaud, MBK, Lapis, and Cathy for participating in the final chapter. You won't understand the pain we (or maybe just Rimbaud and I) went through. haha

Enjoy. If fate permits we shall meet each other again on her next work. :> (or if there's special chapter in the tankobon.)

Edit: This is slightly awkward for me since I usually don't bring up silly personal stuff here (aside from all those nonsensical photos). Dear Chrima, we still love you, you know that. lol The mess from all the miscommunications left me flabbergasted... I left you guys messages through M. :> Thank you for the good time.

posted byLann
on2 February 2017at8:27 PM

Thanks for your work hard!
I wonder whether I can translate this work into my language?
I'll keep full of your credit on the top.
Thanks for reading and best wishes 4u.

posted byfreres
on1 February 2017at1:22 AM

Thank you very much for the final chapter as well as the note to re-download chapter 3 again.

posted byNida
on1 February 2017at12:14 AM

Thank you So much
for completing this manga

posted bytokkei12
on31 January 2017at10:24 PM

Thank you for this chapter and the updated ch3 too!

posted byUsako
on31 January 2017at6:38 PM

Yay! Thank you very much!

posted bybolabulu
on31 January 2017at3:19 PM

Thank you so much for the release! ^^

posted byMaute50
on31 January 2017at12:07 PM

Thank you very much for your continued hard work to complete, I'm really happy to read!!

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