Liquor & Cigarette

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on24 February 2017at5:15 PM

Well...I guess it's a one-shot unless there is another chapter coming out later on...which we will gladly do.

Edit: Okay, people are going crazy over my 'one-shot' comment. It's just an irregular serialisation. lol Probably there will be more chapters coming out. I don't have the magazine with me right now so I cannot check, but it doesn't say that it is a one-shot in the colour page. So don't fret. If it will make you happy, I will put the project under 'ongoing'.

*ahem* *drum roll and all that jazz* We--together with Atelier du Noir--proudly present Liquor & Cigarette. Enjoy everyone.

Honestly saw it came out since months ago but no one seemed to be doing it, we just arbitrarily picked it up a few days back because two raw providers requested that I scanlated it, combining with my love for Zaria, well here we are. lol I know we should be focusing on finishing Zhen and then get back on Vampire Library and Kasane. We will do that now...

posted byUsako
on26 February 2017at3:22 PM

Thanks a lot!!!

posted bybolabulu
on25 February 2017at4:04 PM

<3 Thank you so much for this oneshot! :-)

posted byAya
on25 February 2017at11:37 AM

Thank you guys so much!! I've been waiting for this!!

posted byrepowife
on25 February 2017at9:19 AM

Ahhh thanks a million, that was an adorable one shot and you guys did an amazing job with it, such a pleasure to read!

posted byPaige V
on25 February 2017at8:55 AM

Thank you very much for the new release <3

posted byangua
on25 February 2017at6:21 AM

Thank you very much! ^^

posted byDee
on25 February 2017at12:57 AM

Thanks for picking it up and sharing! Love Zaria <3

posted byMewria
on24 February 2017at11:42 PM

Thank you very much for the release >__<

posted bytokkei12
on24 February 2017at9:10 PM

Ooh, Zaria! Thank you for the oneshot!

posted byGaby
on24 February 2017at5:25 PM

Thanks so much for this release!

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