Red Theatre: Extra Act

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on27 February 2017at4:29 AM

To be honest, I think I like this chapter the most. LOL (No, not because of the explicit scene. lol)

Garcia is more endearing than Adam.

posted bybolabulu
on1 March 2017at5:52 AM

Thank you so much! :-)

posted byangua
on28 February 2017at12:20 PM

Thank you very much! ^^

posted byTranquil Melancholy
on28 February 2017at9:39 AM

@Ammy and Dee, totally agree. These two are enjoyable. lol

posted byammy
on28 February 2017at8:39 AM

Thank you for this awesome extra - their backstory is really cute hehe

posted byPaige V
on28 February 2017at1:15 AM

Thank you very much for the new release ^^

posted byDee
on28 February 2017at12:31 AM

Thanks for the extra! I agree, I like this chapter the best, it was funny and hot at the same time

posted bytokkei12
on27 February 2017at9:45 PM

Thank you for this extra!

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