posted byTranquil Melancholy
on10 June 2017at4:34 AM

Hello everyone, June is here. *gurgles zombie sound* Here, the first batch of this month, enjoy:
1. A new oneshot about a vampire with peculiar taste, Bitter Relevé by Chise. (No, I will not allow 'Bad Dinner' as its title.)
2. Red Theatre's epilogue. This concludes the volume.
3. Oogle at Mano and Carvel.
4. Marvel his beauty and...the SFX! Good lord, too many SFX. Makes me want to burn all the pages to a crisp.

To Kasane's and L&C's fans. I originally planned to include them in the first batch but alas... You will have to wait for the second batch instead.

posted byrmonj
on17 July 2017at6:10 AM

Thank you very much for this release!!

posted byScully_Fuji
on16 June 2017at10:47 AM

Thank you so much <3

posted byValja
on13 June 2017at2:29 PM

Thank you for the release!!
Man... Vampire Library's art is always so damn gorgeous....:3

posted byAmmy
on13 June 2017at12:34 PM

Thanks so much for Bitter Relevé and the Epilogue of Red Theatre :D

posted bylaketica
on12 June 2017at11:17 PM

thanks so much for the releases!

posted bytokidoki
on12 June 2017at5:25 PM

Stupid question so I'm very sorry for asking, but do you provide d/l links for your projects or are they irc-accessible only?

posted bybolabulu
on11 June 2017at9:20 PM

Thank you so much for the new chapters <3 really appreciate the hard work

posted byLint
on11 June 2017at5:41 PM

Glad to see you guys back, thanks so much for everyone's hard work in bringing us more Zhen :D

posted byGaby
on11 June 2017at3:53 PM

Thanks so much!

posted byholly
on11 June 2017at12:58 PM

Zhen is so pretty and intriguing, thank you for releasing it! Looking forward to more!

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