posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 23 August 2012 at 05:01

Dudes, we are busy. xD I have to travel a lot so I won't be available until next week. Our translator is working is life off as well. So expect your two chapters next week instead.

posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 8 September 2012 at 07:14
>.> Relax, my dear. I don't think anything will happen. I'm still busy with my life so you gotta wait. I have finished chapter 369 and still deciding whether to release it with 370 or what.
posted by Soujiro
on 5 September 2012 at 14:46
Damn... Mangatopia trolled us... Gantz will be out at night I think.
posted by Soujiro
on 2 September 2012 at 16:10
Mangatopia dropped Gantz, so how are you going to get the raws from now on? :/
posted by ChusZ
on 23 August 2012 at 14:38
Life off goes first! ;)
posted by kuroda
on 23 August 2012 at 14:09
good luck and don't worry :)

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