Gantz 356, Forbidden dream

posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 12 February 2012 at 10:49

Hello, grab the annoying chapter here. Kei-2 is such an arse you know? Could be a little nicer to Reika, she wants to die with him. What a dick. He is such an arsehole. Annoying! XD

By the way, people, there is this spanish group NSG that scanlates (?) Gantz, they stole our pages and raws, used them and released the chapter before us. You can obviously see that they took our redrawn pages from the previous chapter away and screwed them up. What a bunch of pathetic cocks. You know, I never mind if the other international groups want to use my cleans, I have let many use my cleans before when they asked nicely. Not sending some cock to steal my pages from my ftp. (You piece of shit!) So this is why I release chapter 356 only now, despite the fact that my friend translated it the same day the raw came out in Japan, and that the entire chapter was clean within a day. It really annoys/demoralises me. And yes, I need to tell this to the world, it makes me feels better. Great. Thanks for reading, I feel awesome now. lols

It really surprised me that there was anybody who wanted and came to steal our pages considering how lazy and late we are. These people sure have patience.

Edit: Well I just found out who it was that joined my group and took my pages. I'm not as mad as I sound. But yeah, slightly sad, I want peole to join to help sincerely, not stealing my pages. T.T

Today I made this cake, hehe.


posted by Oliver
on 1 March 2012 at 14:04
Lol now I just took the time to read through your rant...hahaha what delicious wording you used ;) so feminine XD...and thanks for your hard work :)! May all those stupid cocks wither and die ;)
posted by The best Mayne
on 29 February 2012 at 10:45
You guys are fuckin awesome, especially Tranquil after reading her last entry...
Keep up teh good work ladies and dudes.
posted by Oliver
on 26 February 2012 at 11:40
I agree with you Kuruno 2 is a silly stupid man...
posted by Oliver
on 26 February 2012 at 11:21
Beautiful cake :D! Loooove it :D haha I bet it tasted even better :)
posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 19 February 2012 at 04:40
Like I said, I actually am not angry as I sounded. I just made it sounded bad so that they would get it across their heads I don't like it. In case they are dense and all. I really don't want Reika to die. it will be very sad. No it's not a sponge cake, it's more like a softer-than-usual big macaron biscuits.
posted by Pino
on 18 February 2012 at 18:07
Thanks TM & all staff @ whatever for the release. We appreciate your efforts, and imo you shouldn't get so angry at other ppl cos they think your redrawn pages are too good, they're just proving your work is good enough to steal ;) lol ... *sigh* Reika is infatuated with Kurono and Kurono is infatuated with Tae, its all irrational behaviour so its just another irrational action on Kurono's part ... btw anyone else finding it hard to visualize the motion/battle scenes in the last few chapters? Too many CG 3D models ... Oh cool cake, sponge cake with fresh cream and berries? Looks yummy :3 Y U NO GIMME á
posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 17 February 2012 at 06:46
@robin Yeah I thought of something like that too, but then when you look at how people hog over the faster groups, my group is way in safe zone. xD I mean I release like two weeks late, come on. haha My laziness already save us all. haha
posted by robin
on 16 February 2012 at 22:04
am i good or what.. teheh..

looks like kaze is gonna lose his virginity soon lol..

anyway, i'm a little worried concerning shueisha's actions against scanlators lately.. maybe you should lay low or hide the files or something.
not that seinen manga are that popular, but anyway..
posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 15 February 2012 at 09:18
@robin: You mean on the Valentine's day? I was sick (and still am) so I didn't get to make chocolate for anyone. ; ; Oh, by the way, that cake's name is actually 'Divin'. lol So your guess (?) is correct.
posted by robin
on 14 February 2012 at 04:46
that cake looks so divine, what did you make today?

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