Gantz 359 - The squinting tyrant

posted by jenn9376
on 12 March 2012 at 13:55

Greetings fellow followers!

We are happy to give you the new Gantz chapter, you can grab it here. It would have been released sooner, if it wasn't for TM talking about porn and stuff on irc, thus distracting our members and preventing them from doing their work...

On that note, if you also want to talk with TM about tentacle sex and other weird stuff, please join us on our irc channel, we are so lonely in there ; ; Just click on the irc link on the menu. Or if you just want to rant about something. But we will all know that you came for the p0rnz.

Also, we are always in need of new members (cleaners mostly and typesetters) for Gantz. Also translators. Well everything basically. We especially need strong-willed people that can withstand TM's rage. The more people we have, the faster we can release and we can finally pick up a new project or two (or three!). You can apply on our irc channel or through this email: whateverproject (@) gmail (dot) com (For the proofreader position, please contact theAntagonist).

You don't have to be insanely skilled with Photoshop, we can teach you most things you need to know, we are very patient *cough cough*. Well I am, so don't bother TM until you are mentally prepared. But still, you can always just give it a try, you got nothing to lose, except from some time (and maybe your sanity, no guarantee on the latter).

Also TM wanted you to have this, her apple cupcake with cinnamon icing. Yes, I know it looks delicious, you are free to drool and feel sorry for yourselves, I know I will:


posted by Hoanek SJ
on 13 March 2012 at 08:33
Thank you for chapter !! :)

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