Gantz 366, The great escape

posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 22 June 2012 at 20:21

Why, of course, it's me, your ultimate adversary, the one, the only! xD (***theAntagonist edit: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  I thought I was the ultimate is my name afterall...***)  Yes, usually you would expect me to keep this chapter for three weeks before starting to do anything with it. But no, not this time, the moment I noticed that the raw provider had uploaded the raw, I got right to work! It was almost a one-man-show, had it not been for Luffyah and The Worm.

Sorta Spoiler: I think Tae and Kei are no longer a being of blood and flesh, from the way they dash through the earth's atmosphere without turning into pure energy, light and dust. XD LOL

I just want to post this before I can think of some silly photos I took recently, so come back to check my photo after ten minutes ok? hahaha

Oh! by the way, I remember someone was asking me to make the download's size visible, I still haven't asked corry about it yet, so sorry, I will get back to it later. (Although I'm not quite sure what you mean because today when I tried to download a chapter it did say how big it is...)

Did I mention I cut 30 cm of my hair away a few months ago? Well I did! xD (Sorry, no sweets' photo to update this time, I used up all my quota in the previous post. hahaha)

few weeks ago it rains.

(***WTF happened to this person's face?!  That's some wack birth defect... >_>; t.A***)

posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 2 July 2012 at 06:10
@robin Thank you for regarding my post as precious as that. XD Yes, I can, next time I will strike it all out. I haven't watched Avengers too, when if came out I had exams, nvm that, I will d******* it later. haha If you are retard, I think I'm also very far from having a discerning mind. haha
posted by robin
on 1 July 2012 at 00:02
and uhhmm.. can you hide the spoilers properly next time, I haven't/wont read the manga for a while. I haven't even watched avengers, but prometheus was pretty good. also, dark night rices.

sorry for submitting comments thrice in a row, I'm diagnosable for retardation.
posted by robin
on 30 June 2012 at 23:54
big big fucking thanks for the chapters, you put lots of love into your releases, I can taste it :) love you very much

i don't care you being slow because I read stuff in piles anyway lol.
i prefer daily fix of tmie-chan sexy shots and random post :D
posted by Hoanek SJ
on 25 June 2012 at 04:36
Thank you for the chapter
posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 24 June 2012 at 07:19
@Phoenix: it's ok. My hair grows fast. Oh I see, I will update it. Thank you.
posted by ChusZ
on 24 June 2012 at 06:15
Thank you!!!
posted by Phoenix
on 23 June 2012 at 21:34
You cut your... hair...? :( *snif*
Oh, and your alien language chart is still missing J and Q. There's an updated version out there :P Cheers!
posted by Zwaanmeneer
on 23 June 2012 at 05:00
Awesome. Thank you.
posted by Urahara
on 23 June 2012 at 01:40
TMie releasing GANTZ within 24hours..... LIKE A BOSS!

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