The invisible drama

posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 4 February 2017 at 04:52

Sorry for the wait, for whoever is interested in this matter, i.e. the invisible drama from two days ago. I hope you enjoy reading it, it's quite long but I tried my best to be entertaining. I decided to move the post below up here since it's polluting my release and removed all the duplicated explanations. The other party did their best to annoy me, so I felt compelled to respond in some way. :> I did give them time to come forward, but they never showed up and talked to me directly.

Here is my response to their slandering, spreading false accusations, picking a fight with me by sending me a hate mail.

This will be my one and only response, I had been very patient. You can tell from the chatlogs.

**************[the post from two days ago]***************

(02.02.2017 near midnight +0GMT) Edit2: Right now there is a one-sided misunderstanding (from the raw provider of Chrima scans, aliasanonyme) going on. I don't use tumblr so I almost never check my messages there especially when I talk to no one at all. And there seem to be a communication issue here. If nothing is resolved within 12 hours, I will post all the communication logs with all parties for the sake of clarification. (→edit: 3.2.2017 busy with assignments, this will be followed up after I'm done dealing with the tasks in my real life) Because this is too dramatic for me and I'm not interested in drama, especially when the opposite party completely misunderstood and still hasn't figured out the truth. This announcement will can be deleted once the issues are resolved.

[duplicate explanation] Click the link above for the chat logs

All these facts can be confirmed by Chrima's leader. :> For whoever (maybe just one?) is so mad right now, please communicate properly first. Do not be rude. Manel is my friend.

I am self-operating and this group has been operating for nearly ten years on and off, not counting the collaboration prior to that with many others. I have quite extensive resources so being rude and threatening me who hasn't once done a thing to anyone with something that has zero leverage isn't quite a way to go. I'm still calm so please try to sort this out before I actually lose it. :> It's just a tiny matter but  huge misunderstanding. :>

Edit3: No, I haven't received a single hate mail from anyone, only people "informing me" about the invisible drama unknown to me and one seemingly hate message from the person involved. So I think Chrima is misunderstanding something about the 'hate messages' part. :> And thank you those who sent me messages and notified me about this.

posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 25 February 2017 at 18:23
Yes, that's exactly the e-mail you should use. haha
The font is not free and licensed. That's why I need to move this convo to e-mail
posted by Lint
on 25 February 2017 at 15:05
Oh yes, I'm really just interested in the font if you don't mind sharing. It's pretty familiar as I see it often in novels, etc. I figured it'd be easier to ask than me searching :D I also follow a couple of novels people translate online that aren't available for download, so I end up having to format and copy+pasting them so I can have my digital copy and that font would be nice to use (so sorry for the off topic-ness).

Also, glad that you guys really take all this drama in stride.

I have a couple of thoughts about your situation that I'm not comfortable sharing publicly, but I hope it's okay that I email them to you. I couldn't find your email address except under the recruitment page, so I hope it's okay if I send my thoughts there. Anyway, thanks for being so friendly and indulging a stranger!
posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 25 February 2017 at 04:02
@Lint Glad to know that there are people who bother to read about the drama. haha Yeah, we usually enjoy it when it is not our own.

Don't worry, we are not very affected. We have enough of our own raw providers, we only jointed because the other group suggested to begin with. We usually never ask for a joint. Obviously, I'm not omnipotent, not enough to magically comprehend the concept of separating the raw provider from the group entirely, especially when I was not informed and did not know this person--I still don't. I've used up the last drop of patience after reading that hate mail, so if they've sent more, I'll never know because I decided to ignore their existence thereon unless there was an insanely brilliant reason for me to do otherwise--which I doubt. I mean they have shown nothing but how incapable they are of communicating civilly so far, there's no point in being courteous to them any further. haha We never run, that's not our style. We are calm, reasonable, and tolerant; that is until someone manages to annoy us enough for us to react. We are not doormats. lol
We are connected to some providers that also provide to others--those that scan 10-20 mag a month, but usually we communicate with them direclty, so really, this one is just so weird a case.

Did you ask because you really like the font? If that is the case, I can send a reply via e-mail. Otherwise, I feel uncomfortable writing it here. :>
posted by Lint
on 25 February 2017 at 01:40
Okay, I hope I don't sound too meddlesome with my comment, I was just dropping by to see what was going on with Zhen and I noticed the drama post...I won't lie, I'm a drama whore. I'm attracted to it, but I don't like to get involved (most of the time).

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that this whole mess happened and that it not only involved two different type of groups, but a variety of them since drama from one person obviously caused a lot of undercurrents to ripple out to others.

As someone who's not actively involved with scanlating, it's always kind of interesting to see how you guys operate. I do notice that anon sometimes posts angry rants on tumblr, but she never elaborates, and she deletes the posts later, so many of us never know what's going on. However, since I like to keep tabs on many scanlation groups, I can sometimes get a feel for what's going on. I didn't realize she had another group/blog that she privately ranted on, but I did notice that she's starting to make her releases more private (sad face).

Also, I think it's pretty cool that you guys continue to scanlate despite the added stress and drama. If this happened to me, I'd run away screaming, lol.

Lastly, can I ask what font you used to type up that communication log explaining everything that went down? (sorry for the randomness, lol)

Sorry again for the nosiness, and thanks for letting some of us outsiders be privy to what happened. I'm glad you're still trucking along.

posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 24 February 2017 at 08:58
@Nana haha Thanks for sharing your story. Actually I was told similar stories by two other groups on Tumblr. So I guess we are not the only ones unlucky enough to fall into their whirlpool of madness. The most pitiful element of this drama was: we had nearly zero interaction with the said person. It was so one-sided and not from us. I have been scanlating for so long and it was the first time I met someone who seriously failed at communication. hahaha Yeah I am very patient. lol I was surprised at myself for being that patient too. If it wasn't for the hate mail I would completely ignore the whole matter.

@Brandon Yeah I don't understand them either. lol I just lived my quiet peaceful life and then bam! lol

@Manel lol I actually have a hard time understanding your post. XD Are you okay? Hahaha I think it's clear that you were just stuck in the middle between Nana and that person. From what I understand Nana didn't say anything bad about you. :>
posted by Manel
on 24 February 2017 at 08:09
Hey! Chrima scans here!
since Nana brought our name here i had to pop out and reply!
- dodget a bullet when you refused to work with us? excuse me? i always was a fan of your group and a followerthen one day we had the same project in our future list and the scans were ours, you wouldn't have to work with anyone but me no TA or no one. and grouping my group with anyone is wrong, Chrima scans is a group and TA is another group, we work together yes but we're not part of the same group!
- when TA wanted to give you the Dj she didn't have your contacts and asked me to contact you in her place(my mistake not once but twice, to act like a channel or proxy)
- i only transfered 2 messages between you 2 so of course i wouldn't know anything, my group isn't part of it so why should i know?

IN THE END my roup got out of this with a rule: anyone who wants to contact anyone, please do it yourself
posted by Brandon Saylor
on 12 February 2017 at 19:55
I read it .... and I'm still confused by what exactly got that person so wound up. lol.
posted by Nana
on 11 February 2017 at 13:28
Hi there! I came to say that as soon as I saw that "drama" thing on Chrima/The Anon's blogs, I intimately knew you had nothing to do with it.

See, a VERY similar thing happened between with these two groups and mine. Prepare the popcorn, it'll be a little long.

It started when Chrima offered to work with us (I couldn't at that time, maybe I dodged a bulltet there), then they told me one of their friends (didn't know who it was by that time) could provide us with doujin scans for one of our future series project.
I gladly accept, a few weeks pass by and still no news of the scans.

One day I see that our future project has suddenly popped up on The Anon's project list. Note that they never ever contacted us. And still no news of the dj scans.
I offer a joint, no response.

So I go ask Chrima if their friend's offer for scans is still up, she tells me she knows nothing. So I ask Chrima for their provider's contact so I can talk directly to them. She gives me The Anon's tumblr. I realize the one offering the scans and the one trying to take over our project is the same person. I'm confused and read a bit of their blogging...
Basically says "if you can't scanlate my raws quickly fuck off". I guess that's why she tried to steal the project, we took too much time to scanlate the series maybe? We've already been working on it for some time and that series required a lot of work, so I'm getting kind of annoyed.

Then I message TA several times over a few days to see if she's still willing to give us her dj scans, and I get ignored. It was becoming kind of urgent because it was a New Year's release and I REALLY wanted to finish the series before irl stuff made me busy.

After bugging Chrima again and again to talk to TA and ask her why TA isn't replying, I apologize for something I might have done(still haven't talked with her yet though?), I said that I don't care if TA won't give us her scans, I'll buy my own, but if she will give them, I need an answer.
Chrima doesn't know anything, seems at a loss.
Finally get a reply from TA. She's giving us scans and dropping the main project. Good.jpg

Fastforward a few days, we start to release our project, then TA proceeds to shit on our work PUBLICALLY on her blog (we're not perfect but I honestly think we didn't deserve it), saying we're the worst and putting the series back in her future projects, she says she'll re-scanlate that series since our version is so bad.
I say, well bring it on, I worked 100+ hours on the series so let's see how you fare...

Epilogue: still no news of the re-scanlation, maybe she dropped it. Kind of got pretty angry at her in PMs.
I tried to keep it cool but it's definitely not okay and I don't have your holy patience, ã

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