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posted by Tranquil Melancholy
on 10 September 2013 at 19:59

  Hello everyone, this post is not directly dedicated to Gantz; its main purpose is solely for me to articulate my thoughts to you and possibly my plea to some of you that might interest in whatever I have to say. This is a special occurrence since I do not often find it in me to express what I have in mind to anyone. It will be quite long and if you don’t want to bother about it, you don’t have to read.

  I have come to the final decision and it is that I will discard those remaining magazine raw regardless how much my redrawer might have already redrawn them. I will, however, order the tankobon and scanlate it even if I have to do it by myself. You were probably expecting something like, ‘guys, I give up. farewell.’ Frankly speaking, I actually surprised myself for not saying that either.

  I am sure it is apparent to you that my passion for scanlation has died down long time ago. The truth is I think it had dissipated many years ago, it was sometimes at the height of it. The only reason this group had managed to come thus far was because many members were supporting it. I have not been active at all in the recent years. All I did was gathering people together and saw each chapter through. But every time I became busy, my members would gradually disappear. I long noticed that my presence is important because I have to hold Whatever together or the fervour inside the group will die out. In fact, I have not a single member left at this point. From having over active 30 members at one point, this is a little sad. *laughs dryly* Unless there is another person who can replace me, Whatever will never be as active as before. If anyone interests in managing this group, do contact me anytime. I will help you with all I know.

  I owe many people a lot of things: Luffyah the redrawer, who is occasionally active, the same goes with Rossic the translator, S4d who can never find it in his kind heart to truly abandon me when I need an immediate typesetter/cleaner, TheAntagonist the proofreader who can never truly retire due to that he is very weak to my plea. At some point, Kei who was also very weak to my pleading had to run away because he did not know how to say no to me, and there is our mysterious benefactor who supported us regardless of how fickle I am. If I were to list all of them it would go on forever. And then there are you leechers who sometimes came out from lurking to say hello to me. There is no way I could just throw Whatever away and left you there without completing your Gantz collection, could I? I wonder if this is not your plan all along; manipulating me indirectly and inculcating me with this idea through these years. You should know that I do purchase everything I read regularly and don’t truly rely on the scanlation scene. I don’t know how I ended up scanlating these mangas I don’t even read online without gaining anything; for an evil selfish person like me, it’s a miracle. At some point I only scanlated these chapters just to tease you with my photos every time I posted a new release. *grins*

  Let’s talk about my life. I am torn between many things which is the very reason why I cannot give undivided attention to Whatever. My study/career and hobbies--I don’t think I can even honestly call them hobbies really, they are more like my second job now, but in want of a better word, ‘hobbies’ they are--have nothing in common, yet they both steal most of my time and I am unable to find the best solution for either because I am not willing to give any up. They are equally important to me. I have been thinking about writing a web manga for the longest time but could never find the time to do it. I was involved in an actual published work before but my heart wasn’t truly in it. This, however, is on a completely different level, I could not sleep because of it, I constantly think about it for over a year now. Nothing can slake my desire of seeing it materialised. I will have it done even if I won’t profit anything from it. So is there any English out there with time on his/her hand that are willing to look over my script and edit it with me? I don’t mind whoever you are as long as you think you will have the passion to do this with me and see it through together. I want to create something novel that surpasses any recent works out there in all its contents—be it art- or story-wise. I know it sounds questionably ambitious but I will try my best if anyone at all interests. I am dying to do this. I want to publish my work here. Please download the last released chapter of Gantz and write a mail to the e-mail address in the credit page if you interest. Or if you know someone who interests, please tell him/her to contact me. I will be most grateful.

  I probably didn’t say it properly above: I will not close this group down after Gantz, if I find something I think is interesting and want to share it with you, I will scanlate it, even if it is not going to be any time soon. I will take those titles you suggested into consideration. And hopefully there will be some people who want to join me in the conquest when the time arrive.    

  Time for me to lower the curtain for the night. Goodnight everyone.

posted by Anon
on 15 September 2013 at 10:50
A heartfelt thank you for everything that you've done for us. Wish you all the best~
posted by kuroda
on 14 September 2013 at 07:19
thank you for all
posted by Soujiro
on 13 September 2013 at 01:48
Well, I read all your message and I wish you could find someone to help you. Really, good luck with that! Oh yeah, since you rejected my suggestion of Terra Formars, what about.... I am a Hero? Have a nice day!
posted by Karis Fra Mauro
on 11 September 2013 at 21:24
Reminds me of when my ten years fansubbing came to an end, although I'd say you're doing a better job than me by going out on your own terms. Anyway I can't say thank you often enough, I'm a nut who has to actually download manga rather than reading it online which means a lot of fun stuff like One Piece has painfully fallen by the wayside.
posted by Saurabh
on 11 September 2013 at 09:01
Good luck bro! If you have so much passion for it, I am sure you will find someone to share it with.
posted by ChusZ
on 11 September 2013 at 04:22
Wow. I have no words.
Whatever you do: good luck!
And thank you for all your work.

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